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Dell Compellent Storage Center is an all-in-one storage array that always puts data in the right place at the right time for the right cost. With Fluid Data technology, you can optimize efficiency, agility and resiliency to slash storage costs up to 80 percent, scale on a single platform and secure data against downtime and disaster. Best of all, with Fluid Data, your storage dynamically adapts directly in line with your business needs.

Built from the ground up to manage data differently, Dell Compellent Storage Center provides a fully virtualized storage platform that includes:

  • Storage Virtualization that abstracts and aggregates all resources across the entire array, providing a high-performance pool of shared storage
  • Thin Provisioning and Automated Tiered Storage to deliver optimum disk utilization and intelligent data movement
  • Space-Efficient Snapshots and Thin Replication for continuous data protection without wasted capacity
  • Built-in automation and unified storage management to streamline storage provisioning, management, migration, monitoring and reporting

Intelligent, automated software
Fluid Data technology empowers organizations to move beyond simply storing data to actively managing data. Built-in intelligence and automation optimize the storage environment, and every advanced enterprise feature is fully integrated for optimum efficiency, flexibility and performance.

Dell Compellent Fluid Data technology virtualizes storage at the disk level, accelerating data access by spreading read/write operations across drives so multiple requests are processed in parallel. You can create high-performance, ultra-efficient virtual volumes in seconds without allocating drives to specific servers, complicated capacity planning or manual performance tuning. Remove the limitations of physical drives and dynamically change and scale your virtualized pool without disruption or downtime.
Network Attached Storage
Beyond the multi-protocol SAN capabilities of Storage Center, Dell Compellent also extends the benefits of Fluid Data into network attached storage. Dell Compellent NAS solutions enable you to consolidatefile- and block-based data onto a single unified platform designed for efficiency and scalability. Dell Compellent’s NAS solutions portfolio allows you to select the best architecture for your IT environment. The Dell Compellent zNAS is ideal for midsize and large organizations with mixed UNIX, Linux and Windows environmentspure NFS or mixed CIFS/NFS environments, while the PV NX3000 for Compellent is optimal in pure CIFS or Windows environments.

With Dell Compellent NAS solutions, file serving operations remain separate from application operations to avoid bottlenecks from CPU-intensive processes. Clustered configurations, hardware redundancy and the ability to add storage capacity on the fly further enhance availability, with active/ active failover and advanced multipathing (MPxIO) helping to ensure that there is no single point of failure.
Dell Storage SC2020 Array specs
Dell Storage SC4020 Array Specs 


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